In my career I have seen ample of instances where people ask why we shall engage a data scientist or a machine learning engineer, when we can solve the problem in hand via coding the rules.

Fair enough, for a lot of those problems we might be able to work with just coded rules and lookups etc, however as the size of data grows and here I am not talking about the volume of data but the attributes/features comprising that data, it becomes difficult and difficult to be able to read the hidden and not so obvious relations among attributes/features…

Simplest PCA (Principal Component Analysis) Definition

Problem Space — ML Vision — Object Recognition

Problem Statement — Identify the object in the picture

High Res Car Picture

Now, if the question is all about detecting the object in the above image , you don’t need that high resolution image, you just need a scaled down version.


Policy as Code Bot (PacBot) is a platform for continuous compliance monitoring, compliance reporting and security automation for the cloud. In PacBot, security and compliance policies are implemented as code. All resources discovered by PacBot are evaluated against these policies to gauge policy conformance. The PacBot auto-fix framework provides the ability to automatically respond to policy violations by taking predefined actions. PacBot packs in powerful visualization features, giving a simplified view of compliance and making it easy to analyze and remediate policy violations. …

Kamal Kumar

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